The easiest raspberry sauce you’ll ever make

As a child, my family had a fairly large garden. My summers consisted of walking barefoot through our garden eating fresh veggies and picking raspberries right off the bush.  I still look forward to going home during in the hot summer months so I can stuff myself with all the raspberries I can handle.

This sauce only uses 2 ingredients which makes it one of the most simple, most delicious sauces ever.

Step 1. Get yourself one cup of half- thawed raspberries


Step 2. In a blender (I’m using a hand blender because it is such a small amount) add 1/4 cup granulated sugar and blend until smooth


I must apologize for the horrible pictures. I was taking them one handed with my iPhone because nobody else was around. Also, don’t skip this next step. De-seeding the sauce is what makes it so magnificent.

Step 3.  Set up a bowl and get some cheesecloth. If you are using regular cheesecloth that you buy in the store, you will want to triple up the layers. Or you can purchase some re-usable cheesecloth here.  Place the cheesecloth on the bowl and pour the sauce into the cloth.

sauce2 copy

Isn’t that beautiful!

Gather up the edges of the cheesecloth and start to “milk” the cloth. Besides cheesecloth I’ve only ever milked a goat. I can state with certainty, milking cheese cloth is way easier.

cheesecloth copy sauce3 copy

Squeeze all the sauce out until there isn’t anything but seeds in the cloth. Then you are left with this gorgeous, sweet and tart deliciousness. Too many adjectives? Absolutely not.

unnamed copy

I serve this on ice cream,  profiteroles, cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake (recipe soon to come) or how my kids enjoy it the best, by the spoonful.



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